29 Nov

Invited talk at IWSSS’16

Jin Nakazawa presented our research as invited talk at IWSSS’16 in conjunction with Mobiquitous’16.

Jin Nakazawa, Keio University
“Physical and Virtual Sensing Layers for Collecting City Data: A Case Study in Fujisawa”


29 Nov

Paper presentation at IWSSS’16, workshop of Mobiquitous’16

Takafumi Kawasaki, who is a member of SFCity, presented his research at IWSSS’16.

“Damage Detector: The Damage Automatic Detection of Compartment Lines Using A Public Vehicle and A Camera”
Takafumi Kawasaki, Makoto Kawano (Keio University), Takeshi Iwamoto, Michito Matsumoto (Toyama Prefectural University), Takuro Yonezawa, Jin Nakazawa, Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University)


15 Nov

Demonstration at ORF2016

We will present our new demonstration called Tangible LiveEarth! at SFC Open Research Forum 2016, Tokyo Midtown on 17th, 18th November, 2016.