23 Jan

Attend BigClouT Meeting@Athene

We participated BigClouT(EU-Japan collaborative research project) meeting@Athene on January17-19. We presented SOXFire, Sensorizer and Lokemon, and discussed further collaboration with other participants.


11 Jan

Presented SOXFire and Cruisers at IWSC’16 in conjunction with Middleware’16

We presented our paper of SOXFire and Cruisers at IWSC’16 in conjunction with Middleware’16.

SOXFire: A Universal Sensor Network System for Sharing Social Big Sensor Data in Smart Cities”, Takuro Yonezawa (Keio University) Tomotaka Ito (Keio University) Jin Nakazawa (Keio University) Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University)


An Empirical Study on Coverage-Ensured Automotive Sensing using Door-to-door Garbage Collecting Trucks”,Yin Chen (Keio University) Jin Nakazawa (Keio University) Takuro Yonezawa (Keio University) Takafumi Kawasaki (Keio University) Hideyuki Tokuda (Keio University)