seikyochan_miniScience Fiction City that we everyone dreamed. We are challenging to make the dreams come true with Simple and Flexible open platform. SFCity, Sustainable and Fascinating way to boot the open smart city.

Welcome to SFCity Lab. Website

Our goal is to realize smart cities, which enhances quality of life for everyone in cities with the power of real-time city information.
Based on various perspectives such as system, people and business, we are carrying out practical research & development with collaborating actual cities and domestic/international projects. Our achievements of research & development are being opened as open source softwares, so you can use them freely for your city.


Change ‘Dead’ Data to ‘Live’ Data

Though several city information are now being collected for example networked electricity meters or surveillance cameras, there are still many city information which is not collected. For example, environmental sensors in Japan which have been deployed by government are placed spatially-sparsely and collect/share data temporally-sparsely. In addition, there are already tons of data relating cities in WEB spaces, however, those WEBs do not provide any APIs so that it is highly difficult to leverage such data. To solve these problems, we are developing a way to collect massive city information from both cyber and physical environment.



A Universal Sensor Network System for Sharing Social Big Sensor Data in Smart Cities

Towards smart city era, types of sensors and their users will be more diverse and increased. Usually, sensor net- work is operated in closed environment and system – types of sensors are limited, and sensor deployers and consumers are usually in same organization. However, since smart city is a complex system of systems, tons of heterogeneous sen- sor data must be leveraged by thousands of heterogenous users. Thus, it is necessary to design a large-scale sensor network system to share such social big sensor data. We introduce SOXFire, a multi-community city-wide sensor network for sharing social big sensor data in smart cities.



Enabling Technologies which Bridges Now and Future

We already have high-tech devices such as smartphones. However, functionalities/possibilities of those devices are not well-leveraged. If everyone in a city collects and shares surrounding information with smartphones’ sensors, we can grab real-world status in cyber-world. We are developing enabling technologies which enhances current usage of smartphones for creating better worlds.


Collaboration with domestic/international projects

SFCity laboratory collaborates with following domestic/international research projects.

Followings are already finished projects but we are still in collaboration with.


Open for Collaboration

We would like to collaborate more research partners and municipalities. Please feel free to contact us 🙂