SFCity Laboratory carries out research of fundamental technologies for realizing smart cities. To achieve our goal, we are developing city data collection technologies, city data distribution technologies and city data analysis/visualization technologies. Following tools are/will be opened as open source software. Please check how to use them in Getting Started pages and each pages for tools.

You can also touch developer information at KEIO USN website.

City Data Collection

sensorizer WEB Sensorizer: Making sensor data stream from WEBs

cruisersCruisers: Fine-grained environmental sensing with public cars and IoT technologies


City Data Distribution

soxfire SOXFire: SOX(Sensor-over-XMPP) platform for distributing/sharing social big sensor data

libraries SOXLibs: APIs to access SOX devices


City Data Visualization/Analysis

dashboardCity Dashboard: Dashboard visualizer for SOX sensors

liveearthLiveEarth!: 3D map visualizer for SOX sensors


Other tools

senbay Senbay: Sensor-federated video application

lokemon_icon Lokemon: Participatory sensing platform via location-aware monsters