cruisersCruisers: An Automotive Urban Sensing Platform using Door-to-door Garbage Collecting Trucks


Cruisers is an automotive urban sensing platform for establishing a data collecting backbone for smart cities with the guarantee of coverage and real-time data publishing. smart cities. In Cruisers, sensors are deployed into  the garbage collecting trucks so that they are able to conduct sensing tasks as the host vehicles move around.  In Japan, garbage trucks conduct garbage collecting from door-to-door in every collecting day (i.e., a weekday typically), so that Cruisers is expected to ensure that most area of a city excluding uninhabited ones are visited at least once in each collecting day. In our study, a customized  sensing module (i.e., a white sensor box) is developed where mobility sensors, enviroumental  sensors and a GPS receiver are integrated. The sensing module and required accessaries are deployed in the garbage collecting trucks of Fujisawa city, Japan. The sensing module  generates data in 100Hz. The sensed data are published  into a SOX server via cellular network in real-time.

Realtime Data Publishing Demo

To demonstrate Cruisers, a demo video is made as follows.

Cruisers Viewer:

If you want to see the realtime positions and data of Cruisers, please download the following iOS app project.