SOXLibs for multi programming languages

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JavaScript SOX Library

iOS SOX Library (Objective-c)

Python SOX Library (only internal developers)

Examples of SOX APIs

We provide complementary client-side APIs for different programming languages including Java, Javascript, Objective-C and python. SOXFire libraries hides complex XMPP communication and existence of two types of nodes _meta and _data, and enables users to access virtual sensors in simple ways. Followings are usage examples of Java SOXFire API.

Connecting to a SOXFire server

SoxConnection con = new SoxConnection(“”);

Getting virtual sensors list

//get the list on connected server
List nodeList = con.getAllDeviceList();

//get the list on federated server
List nodeList2 = con.getAllDeviceList(“”);

Associating a virtual sensor to SoxDevice object

//associate to virtual sensor on connected server
SoxDevice sd = new SoxDevice(con, “sensor_name”);

//associate to virtual sensor on federated server
SoxDevice sd2 = new SoxDevice(con, “sensor_name”, “”);

Getting meta data information from _meta pubsub node

Device deviceInfo = sd.getDevice();

Retrieving last sensor data from _data pubsub node

Data data = sd.getLastPublishData();

Subscribing the sensor and handling data to be published


public void handlePublishedSoxEvent(SoxEvent e){
List values = e.getTransducerValues();
//then write processing of the data

Those APIs are object oriented, and share almost the same class hierarchy among different programming languages, so various kinds of applications can be developed easily on, for example, smartphones (both iOS and android), web pages and PCs.